Product Information

We offer a variety of products ranging from grommets to snap fastener repair kits ideal for camping, boat, car, farm, trailer, and patio! Click on one of the product images below to view further information, or dowload one of our product catalogs.

Grommets in Bulk


Most brass grommets & washers are also available with nickel or black oxide finishes. We can certify to most U.S. Military Specs.

Snap Fasteners in Bulk

Snap Fasteners

Snap Fasteners are also available in nickel plated, black oxide, brass finishes and stainless steel. We can certify to most U.S. Military Specs.

Grommet Inserting Dies & Hole Cutters

Grommet Inserting Dies & Hole Cutters

Economical, heavy-duty construction for commercial, industrial or individual use in setting grommets of all types and sizes.

 Handi Grommet Repair Kits

Handi Grommet Repair Kits & Refills

For D-I-Y professional grommet repairs. Bilingual instuctions are easy to follow. Tools included are cutting block, hole cutter, inserting punch and die.

Snap Fasteners Repair Kits

Snap Fastener Repair Kits & Refills

Ideal for repairs to canvas covers, camping equipment, boats, leather goods and sporting equipment. Install or replace quickly and effectively with the Snap Fastener Kit.

Super Strap

Super Strap

With an easy-to-carry handle, the Super Strap provides a solution for hanging up a variety of items including hoses, ropes, tools, toys, power cords, bikes, etc. Its full grip handle offers added stability when transporting large, heavy or awkward items.


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